Healing, corrective or relaxing? All natural basic and essential oils, professional approach, excellent results.

Facial Treatments

We have an option for any skin type, we have a solution to any skin problem. High quality natural cosmetics, modern technologies, expert performance of every treatment.

Manicure and pedicure

For beauty, healing or maintenance purpose. High quality products, high level of hygiene, expert approach in hand and foot care.


295 / 335 lv.

“Felista” Manicure and Pedicure, “Aquaclean Deluxe – Pevonia Botanica” Facial Therapy, Magical Relax Massage
with Vinylux polish / with Shellac



73 lv.

Pedicure, Full Body Relaxing Massage


130/ 150 / 174// 121 / 141 / 164 lv.

Manicure, Pedicure, Facial Massage + Mask, Full Body Relaxing Massage
Pevonia Botanica // Alissa Beaute

without polish / with Vinylux / with Shellac

Aquaclean Deluxe Cleansing Facial

149 / 125 lv.

Pevonia Botanica / Alissa Beaute
90 min.

make-up removal, Aquaclean facial with 3 solutions, needleless mesotherapy, bio lifting, mask and finishing cream according to skin type

Rejuvenating Guna Therapy with Collagen

80 lv.

50 min.

make-up removal, gentle peeling, GunaPhoresis with 1 ampoule Guna Collagen,  mask according to your skin type and finishing Guna Collagen cream

Facial Massage + Mask

45 / 35 lv.

Pevonia Botanica / Alissa Beaute
45 min.

Face /eyes, upper lip, forehead not incl./, 16 min.

79 / 426 lv.

1 procedure / 6 procedures

Vitaminic Facial Therapy

79 lv.

60 min.

deeply nourishing, for dry skin

Platinum Therapy

68 lv.

60 min.

/with platinum, white lilly and filagrinol- recovers skin barrier, suitable for dulled skin, open pores and age signs/

Classic Anti-Cellulite Massage

42 lv.

30 min.

Magic Foot Massage

34 lv.

30 min.

Healing Massage /includes moxa therapy or cupping/

50/ 65 lv.

35 min. / 60 min.

Slimming with „APOLLO“

IPL Photo Epilation

Upper Lip

28 lv.


28 lv.


40 lv.

Gentle Waxing

Full arms

17 lv.

Full legs

29 lv.


9 lv.

Vinylux Manicure

25 lv.


38 / 66 lv.

Shellac / Bio Sculpture Gel

Manicure Redo with

42 / 69 lv.

Shellac / Bio Sculpture Gel

Pedicure Vinylux

38 lv.


50/ 78 lv.

Shellac / Bio Sculpture Gel

Pedicure Redo with

54 / 81 lv.

Shellac / Bio Sculpture Gel

Therapeutical pedicure

42 lv.

Corn treatment

4 - 8 lv.

Tire / Prosthesis Application

29 - 36 lv.


28 / 18 /10 lv.

Ladies’ / Gentlemen’s / Childrens’


25 / 35/ 40 lv.

short / middle length / long hair

Coloring with Nashi Color 3D

57 / 75 / 87 lv.

short / middle length / long hair

Balayage with Nashi Life Whitedeco

58 / 70 / 82 lv.

short / middle length / long hair

Nashi Filler Therapy

54 / 66 lv.

Recovery treatment with collagen and stem cells

(Blow Dry incl.)

Ritual Bio- Lamination

48 / 60 lv.

(Blow Dry incl.)

Ionic Detox

15 lv.

30 min., Read more

Infrared Sauna

20/ 30 lv.

1 prs., 60 min. /  2 prs., 60 min.

Pressotronic Lymphatic Drainage

22 / 32 lv.

legs, 30 min. / legs and belly, 50 min.

Beauty Center Felista

High quality products, modern technologies, cozy atmosphere, excellent hygiene, expert team, attention and friendly approach to our clients.

Nice and cozy atmosphere, high quality products, expert team and excellent service.

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Felista is the place where beauty brings happiness. Come and dive into our world! We hold on to quality and excellent hygiene in the beauty salon. We care about professional approach and accommodating service, about fair variety of services for your beauty and well being. We about you!

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Cosmetic Therapist

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Manicurist - Pedicurist

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Manicurist - Pedicurist

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Massage Therapist

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Rehabilitator- Osteopath

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Great professionals and good service

When I want to spoil myself I come here - the best place for beauty and spa in town! The staff are great and provide excellent service. Personally I'm a big fan of Albena, the manicurist, and her amazing ideas of manicures design ♥ ♥


Varna, Bulgaria

Great Balayage and Cut with Dimi

Tucked away in a more residential neighborhood, this salon is a bit off the beaten path, but a nice little oasis. Everything was very clean and very professional just like your typical upscale salon (but with better prices). All the ladies I talked to were warm and helpful. The environment felt relaxing and quiet. Dimi worked on my hair and did an excellent job. She was attentive, careful and super sweet. I've had balayage coloring several times in the U.S. and elsewhere this was the same top-notch experience. I felt I was in good hands. Her English was perfect and she took her time. I would come back to Dimi again.


Rome, Italy

Fast and fantastic

My friend and I went in for a variety of treatments. The staff was extremely friendly and welcoming. Our pedis and manis look amazing! I had a massage which was one of the best I've had across 3 continents. I also highly recommend the body polish. feels great! Wonderful work to all the staff members.

Amber H.

via Trip Advisor


16, Dr. Petar Skorchev Str.
+359 52 302 690
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Every day10:30 AM - 7:00 PM