302 /325 lv.

“Felista” Manicure and Pedicure, Aqua Clean Deluxe Facial Therapy, Magical Relax Massage
with Vinylux polish / with Shellac


140 / 160 / 184 lv.

Manicure, Pedicure, Facial Massage + Mask, Full Body Relaxing Massage
without polish / with Vinylux polish / with Shellac


94 lv.

Full Body Warm Oil Relaxing Massage, Face Massage+ Mask


171 lv.

Japanese Ritual GOYUKI, Magical Relax massage


86 lv.

Pedicure, Full Body Relaxing Massage

Massage Package


For every purchase of a package of 10 massages (regardless of the type of massage), you receive 1 massage as a gift.

``Electrostimulation`` Package

190 lv.

10x Electrostimulation

``Ionic Detox`` Package

150 lv.

10x Ionic Detox Therapy + 1 gift.

``Pressotherapy`` Package

150 lv.

10x Pressotronic Lymphatic Drainage for legs

``Guna Express`` Package

325 lv.

5x  Gunaphoresis Sessions with 1 collagen ampoule each + 1 gift.

``Guna Express`` Package

650 lv.

10x  Gunaphoresis Sessions with 1 collagen ampoule each + 3 gift.

``Guna Therapy`` Package

400 lv.

5x Rejuvenating Guna Therapy Sessions + 1 gift.

``Guna Therapy`` Package

800 lv.

10x Rejuvenating Guna Therapy Sessions + 3 gift.

``Goyuki`` Package

240 lv.

1x Japanese Ritual for Face and Décolleté GOYUKI (90 min.) + 3x Japanese Face and Décolleté Massages GOYUKI (60 min. each).

``Peeling Pro-Intensive`` Package

395 lv.

Simone Mahler

5x Activating Peeling Therapy for all skin types

``5D Matrix`` Package

395 lv.


5x Restructuring Therapy with Liquid Threads

``Carboxytherapy`` Package

355 lv.

Pelart Laboratory

5x Carboxytherapy Sessions