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Felista Beauty&Relax- professional beauty and personal care services with high quality products since 2009.

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Do you need time?
A little time…or a bit more time, but JUST for you?

Get away from the chaos, crisis, liabilities, obligations, traffic, lines, boredom, anger, stress, pain and everything else that annoys you and does not make you happy. For a little time or for a bit more time…and dive into another world-a world of comfort, peace, relax and harmony.

This is our world, our place, our family- Felista Beauty&Relax- the place where only beauty, relax, smiles, positive vibes and harmony have the right to rule.

Let us help you feel more relaxed, more beautiful and healthier with the variety of facial and body treatments, healing and holistic massages, beauty treatments, slimming and body shaping programs with proved healing and beauty methods known from ancient times and the support of the most advanced technological equipment.

Treat yourself with a little time…or a bit more time- JUST FOR YOU!
Discover a place for recovery from the stress around you- the place that brings back the smile on your face!

Welcome to Felista!


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Katerina Zelenchenko-Kolelieva

Daniela Mihaylova

Albena Petrova
Manicure&Pedicure Expert

Kremena Staneva

Atanaska Ruseva

Vera Kracheva
Massage Therapist

Tatyana Komarova
Rehabilitator- Osteopath

Maria Netronina
Manicure&Pedicure Expert

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Let our team of experienced professionals take care of you!

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We are using high quality materials and products for all our services.

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We have high quality and efficient equipment to help us reach the beauty goals we set together

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