BIO SCULPTURE GEL – Innovation In Long Lasting Manicure

We present you Bio Sculpture Gel- first class professional products for healthy and beautiful nails!

Bio Sculpture Gel maintains the nails’ natural health and strength. Main ingredient of the material is natural rubber.

Why choose Bio Sculpture Gel?

  • Bio Sculpture Gel contains no organic solvents, dehydrating primers or binders. With Bio Sculpture Gel there’s no excessive buffing, minimal dust.
  • The base gel strengthens and hardens the natural nail and plays the role of a nail hardener itself.
  • Materials are self-leveling- fast and clean application without excessive buffing before or after.
  • All products are free of any harmful chemicals including DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin and Camphor.
  • Bio Sculpture Gel and it’s colors are to be cured in a regular UV or LED lamp. Once the manicure is done, it lasts for weeks
  • Flexible but Durable: Nails can still bend without shattering and will not chip or wear away from the free edge.
  • Easy removal in 10-20 minutes with No excessive buffing or damage to the natural nail

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